How to Cut Your Own Hair

Learn how to cut your own hair from stylist Janet Waddell in this Howcast hair tutorial.


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Trimming your own hair and your family's hair is an easy way to save big bucks every month. In these tutorials, stylist Janet Waddell teaches you how to cut hair using both clippers and scissors; cut hair in layers; clean the hairline with clippers; cut hair into spikes; trim bangs; handle cowlicks; create volume; give a buzz cut; and much more.



How to cut your own hair. I'm going to be honest, I'm not going to recommend this, but if in the middle of the night you have no option and you're desperate to cut your own hair, which just happened, I'm going give you a couple of techniques that might make that easier for you. If you're going to cut your own hair what I recommend is you always lift the hair up and point cut into the hair. Any time you don't do that and you cut the hair down and straight it's going to be very obvious that the lines don't marry into each other. So, you need to have a very soft defused, natural effect, and you get that by always lifting the hair up and cutting, rather than cutting heavy and down. Another thing when you are cutting your own hair, if it's anything to do with the fringe, always be on the cautious side, because your hair is always going to jump once it's dried. So, if you're cutting your hair wet, just bear in mind that you want to leave it about a half to one inch longer than the actual results. And that's some techniques for cutting your own hair.


  • Janet Waddell

    Originally from England, Janet Waddell traveled the world teaching hairdressers the art of cutting hair before opening her New York City salon. She also opened a treatment lounge dedicated to women suffering from hair loss and launched her own boutique line of quality products.