How to Deep Tissue Massage the Trapezius Muscle

Learn how to massage the trapezius muscle using deep tissue massage techniques from celebrity massage therapist Meagan Holub in this Howcast video.


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So now I'm going to be working on the trapezius, which is the muscle right here at the top of the shoulder. So it is a small muscle, but it carries a lot of stress. So I'm going to put my hand under here in what looks sort of like a lobster claw. It like it looks like I'm going to pinch a little, but I'm not. And then I'm just going to do a nice slow dragging along underneath that area. You can also grab a hold of the trapezius and pull out. Some people love this. Some people don't. So you're going to want to check in with your client and make sure that they like it. You can also use your knuckles again. Notice I'm supporting this hand with this one. It helps out, a little bit of additional pressure. And you're going to just do these nice circular motions right there on the trap. That feels amazing. You can use your whole body weight and pull on that trap muscle, being careful once you get to the joint. And that is how you give a deep tissue massage to the trapezius.


  • Meagan Holub

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