What Does a Publicist Do?

Learn what a publicist does from celebrity publicist Kelly Brady in this Howcast video.


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Are you cut out for a career in public relations? In this video series, celebrity publicist Kelly Brady explains the different kinds of public relations jobs and the skills needed to land one. She also offers tips on how to perform basic PR tasks like writing a press release, putting together a press kit, using social media in public relations, spinning a story, issuing a media alert, and much more. It's like taking a crash course in public relations.



What does a publicist do? Publicists represent people, places and products and strategically create buzz and get them into the media. And by media, it's everything from social media to traditional media which includes newspapers, blogs, magazines and TV. We take a product or a person or a place that we believe in and we bring it out to the public. We make it popular. We figure out, it's a strategic process of bringing it out to the consumer, identifying what your target audience is and getting that information to them. From writing press releases, pitching the media, to taking your client down a red carpet, to bringing them to interviews. We identify the target audience and we market it to gain lasting popularity for our clients,


  • Kelly Brady

    Kelly Brady is a celebrity publicist and partner at Brandsway Creative in New York City. Kelly began her career in public relations with an internship with Lizzie Grubman Public Relations in 2002. She was with LGPR for 8 years, eventually becoming Vice President and was prominently featured in the MTV docu-series PoweRGirls. Kelly currently works with a variety of clients in areas including celebrity/personality, fashion, beauty, music, health and hospitality.