8 Short Hairstyles for Women over 50

Learn about eight short hairstyles that look great on women over 50 from professional stylist Joy La Rosa in this Howcast short hair tutorial.


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Do you have short hair? Or maybe you're thinking about trying a short hairstyle? Check out these hair tutorials featuring top NYC hairstylist Joy La Rosa. Joy shows you how to create all sorts of cute hairstyles for bobs and pixie cuts. Don't miss the tips on choosing the best short haircut for the shape of your face.




I wanted to talk a little about some short hair looks for women over 50. I get asked a lot if it's appropriate for women over 50 to cut their hair off. I would tell you that we're seeing less of that and that you should have the haircut that best suits you. If you look great with short hair, keep it short. If you look better with longer hair, keep it longer. Some things to consider would be if you've noticed a huge texture shift, like if you have more grey hair and because of that it tends to be coarser or more brittle and or less easy to work with, then I would say to go more towards a short cut. Even a pixie cut is probably a great way, just depending on how course or brittle it is. One important thing to remember if you're over 50 is to add a little more body to your hair. I think that the straighter, sleeker looks can sometimes be a little bit aging, especially if your hair is a little coarser. I would certainly stay away from things like Japanese relaxing or making your hair super straight. I think that ages a woman. We think it's more youthful to have body, life, and movement, so consider that when choosing your haircut. Whether that be a bob that has a great blowout or a little bit of wave to it, or if you have a bit of a wave yourself, learn to incorporate that into your everyday styling. If you have really good hair, and you want to cut it really short, I think that's a great idea too. I think what's most important is to have the haircut that suits you, regardless of your age.


  • Joy La Rosa

    Known for her fiery red curls, Joy La Rosa is a vivacious and versatile stylist based in New York City. Her penchant for curly hair doesn't limit her creativity; she enjoys a variety of styles from the most carefree to the very bold. Her open-mindedness allows for a broad clientele, which she relates to with genuine amiability. As much as she loves to create, she also loves to teach, ensuring each client understands how to recreate the look at home. Inside the salon she’s a busy makeup artist and brow expert while outside she’s always seeking inspiration and new artistic outlets.