How to Use a Curling Iron on Short Hair, Part 2

Learn to curl short hair with a curling iron using the tonging technique from Joy La Rosa in this Howcast hair tutorial, part 2 of a 2-part series.


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I'm going to continue doing the same thing on this other side. I'm going to take that section up on the top, holding it straight out, point your curling iron down, and then wrap the hair. If you didn't want to use the tong method to curl, you can use a traditional method, where you do involve the clamp. What I would do is, I would start at the root of the hair and leave the end out, giving it a very modern look. I'll continue this to the back. I just have one more section back here. If you had all one-length hair, one good tip I have for you is that you can always start at the top. So start on either side of the part-line and then move down. You'd be surprised at how little hair you actually have to curl if you start at the top. Again, I'm just wrapping all of the hair away from the face. Smooth it out with your hand before you curl it, leaving the ends out a little bit so they're a little bit straighter. You just wrap your hair around. I use my middle finger and just tap the hair occasionally to see if it gets warm. As soon as it's warm, I can remove the curling iron. Just keep curling, moving away from the face. I am also keeping in mind that I'm curling all of my hair, both sections, going the same way. When I rake through this hair, you're going to see the curls kind of join together. If you wanted less of a beachy look, you would do them going in opposite directions and I would never join together. They would stay very separate. Now, I'm getting to her bangs. I'm just going to curl them, you know, same thing but just the ends. I'm just going to give them a little bit of direction moving away from her face so that the end section joins in with that hair. Now that it's done, you can see everything has been curled. You're going to go through and rake your hands through. After you take a little bit of product in your hand, you can go through and re-work the curls, defining anything that needs defining. This is how to curl a bob using a curling iron.


  • Joy La Rosa

    Known for her fiery red curls, Joy La Rosa is a vivacious and versatile stylist based in New York City. Her penchant for curly hair doesn't limit her creativity; she enjoys a variety of styles from the most carefree to the very bold. Her open-mindedness allows for a broad clientele, which she relates to with genuine amiability. As much as she loves to create, she also loves to teach, ensuring each client understands how to recreate the look at home. Inside the salon she’s a busy makeup artist and brow expert while outside she’s always seeking inspiration and new artistic outlets.