How to Do a Windmill to a Back Spin Break Dancing Move

Learn how to do a windmill to a back spin from Kid Glyde of The Dynamic Rockers in this Howcast dance video.


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Stop wishing you could break dance and start learning some bboy moves! In these dance videos, Kid Glyde of The Dynamic Rockers, a professional bboy crew, teaches you all the classic moves -- top rock, windmill, baby freeze, munchmill, turtle freeze, elbow freeze, reverse helicopter, and much more.



We're here to train the windmill to the backspin. Alright. This is not that hard. It's momentum. So if you master the windmill and the backspin it should be easy, Okay? So make sure you practice each one individually. Now let's put them together. Just like when we do the windmill, remember: shoulder, shoulder, head. So now, instead of going shoulder, shoulder, head, and continuously in the windmill, we're going to go shoulder, shoulder, head. And then as soon as that first shoulder comes down and we're ready to go to the backspin we go into our backs. Remember, you want to go into that one point on your back so that you can bend your spine right in the curve, so you're just on that little point. So once you go shoulder, shoulder, head, shoulder, you're going to go into your back little by little. Your legs are open and then "boom" you just close them in. You just close them in your little ball and you "apt". Then you go, shoulder, back. That’s all.


  • Victor Alicea

    Victor Alicea aka KID GLYDE first learned the art of breaking from his father, B-Boy legend Glyde of the Dynamic Rockers as well as the equally legendary B-Boy Kid Freeze. He is also influenced by K’Mel, B-Boy Ivan, Storm, and his crew, The Dynamic Rockers. He has taken titles at major battles including Universal Zulu Nation B-Boy/B-Girl Throwdown, the Rock Steady Crew Anniversary Against the Grain Concrete B-Boy/B-Girl Battles, and he won the Euro Battle 2009 with his crew. KID GLYDE has received endorsements with brands such as Panic and Sneak Tip and has appeared in “Step Up 2, “Ste up Up 3”, “Bumper”, “Pressure”, and the B-Boy documentary, “All Out War.” Additionally, KID GLYDE frequently organizes B-Boy/B-Girl battles in NYC.