How to Make Cupcakes with Pam Nelson

Learn about Butter Lane Bakery owner Pam Nelson, one of Howcast's baking experts, in this video.


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Everyone loves cupcakes! Learn how to decorate them for all kinds of special occasions -- a child's birthday party, a baby shower, Easter, Valentine's Day, Mother's Day, Halloween, Thanksgiving, even a wedding. Pastry chef Christine Yen of Butter Lane Cupcakes also teaches you piping techniques and how to make cupcakes that look like dogs, butterflies and flowers.



My name is Pam Nelson, and I'm the owner of Butter Lane Bakery in the East Village of New York City. We are famous for making the best cupcake in New York City, and I think we're really well known for having a cupcake that's really pure and simple. We only use natural ingredients, like really high quality chocolate in our chocolate cupcakes and the icing and the cake. And we also use real vanilla beans in our vanilla icing, which is also one of our biggest customer favorites. We're also really well-known for not using any artificial food coloring, and that's a big point of differentiation for Butter Lane. So the beautiful blueberry icing, and the strawberry icing, are pink and blue because of blueberries and strawberries, which is how we think it should be, really just coming from natural places. We also specialize in a lot of wonderful flavors that appeal to the food lovers in New York City, so we have exotic flavors like espresso pumpkin. My personal favorite is the chocolate sea salt with caramel on top, maple pecan. And for the season we have apple sliced and a hazelnut, which is also super popular. We're also really well-known for our cupcake classroom. And we have something like 10,000 students who come through this classroom every year, and learn how to make the perfect cupcake. If you want to learn more about Butter Lane, be sure to go to our website at That's also a great place to sign up for our classes. You'll see a spot on the website where you can see our class calendar and sign up right there. So come on down to Butter Lane, we love our shop, all of our cupcakes are made with the best ingredients, and a lot of heart.


  • Butter Lane Bakery

    Butter Lane Bakery's flagship location in New York City's East Village specializes in high-quality cupcakes for food lovers. Butter Lane is also famous for its "Cupcake Classroom” where more than 10,000 students have learned to how to bake and ice the perfect cupcake. Butter Lane ships its sweet cupcakes throughout the U.S.