How to Go from Really Long Hair to Really Short Hair

Learn how to go from really long hair to really short hair from Pierre Michel Salon style director Jerome Lordet in this Howcast hair tutorial.


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Tired of wearing your long hair the same way? Let Pierre Michel Salon style director Jerome Lordet demonstrate a dozen ways to style it in these hair tutorials. He'll show you the best long hairstyles for the shape of your face and your hair's texture; teach you how to create the illusion that you have short hair; provide tips on shampooing and conditioning long hair; give you the inside scoop on how to grow hair faster; and much more.



Stylist: How do you go from super long hair to really short hair? This is something that requires a little homework from you. That means look at magazines, look at pictures. See things you like, but also bring the things you don't like. Maybe the front of a haircut, you might like it. But the back, you might not like it. It's easier when you bring pictures to actually talk to your hair stylist about it, and actually both of you can find the middle ground on what you like and don't like. Going from long to short is a big change. It takes years to get hair that long. It takes five minutes to cut it. Right? For example, if you had a long face, you would want some hair either this length or much shorter. If your face is long, you can go either here or have some framing around the face. For example, a great length for you would be to bring it here. Woman: It looks short. Stylist: It is short. You see? That's what I mean. You can't just go. You have to be ready. When you're going to go through a transformation like this, you have to be ready. And that's why I say bring some pictures of what you like and don't like, because it's a big step. There's no turning back. You can't grow it back. When it's done, it's done, and that's it. You have to make sure it works well for you too, because once you go home, you are on your own. It's only you who's going to do it.


  • Jerome Lordet

    The French-born style director at Pierre Michel Salon, Jerome Lordet started his hairstyling career in Paris at the age of 16. Using a French cutting technique, Jerome brings natural beauty to your style with elegance and sexiness. His work has appeared in fashion magazines, fashion shows, music videos, TV shows, movies and hair shows. His celebrity clients include Bianca Jagger, Jessica Simpson, Christie Brinkley, Sandra Bullock, Nick Lachey, Raquel Welch, Rebecca Gayheart and Jessica Biel.