What Snakes Are Like as Pets

Learn what it's like to own a pet snake in this Howcast video.


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Interested in getting a pet snake? We asked veterinarian Mark Magazu to tell us the pros and cons of keeping different kinds of snakes as pets. Dr. Magazu also answers frequently asked questions about how to take care of a pet snake. Plus, he talks about snakes that don't make good pets, like anacondas and the three most deadly snakes in the world. Check out his advice in these Howcast videos.



So what should we expect from a pet snake, and why should you own a pet snake? Number one, understand how beautiful these creatures are and how interesting they are. Number two, understand that they need a proper environment, and actually most snakes it's a wonderful thing to enjoy them in their habitat, and it's something very serious to consider. Because in adopting and having a snake the requirements aren't for today and tomorrow, for this guy it's for 20 years. For a python, it could be for 40 years. So please make sure that you know what you're getting into, how wonderful and how interesting these creatures are, and the special needs that they have. Because to really enjoy them you need to keep them happy and healthy. It's very important, understand what type of snake, what they need, and that they're shy, beautiful creatures that many times it's to enjoy them from afar. Appreciate the habitat that you got them and watch them. Learn how to handle them so you can appreciate them and not stress them. So expect a lot of fun, a lot of interesting times, and a lot of responsibilities, so please, take care of these guys.


  • Dr. Mark Magazu

    Dr. Mark Magazu is Chairman of Saint Francis Veterinary Center of South Jersey, one of only 15% of animal hospitals in North America to be accredited by the American Animal Hospital Association. Saint Francis is an award-winning referral practice with board-certified veterinarians offering surgery, cardiology, 24/7 emergency care, radiology, ophthalmology, rehabilitation, internal medicine, holistic and natural medicine, and avian and exotic medicine.