How to Escape a Back Choke Hold

Learn how to escape a back choke hold in this self-defense video from Howcast.


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Okay. Now we are going to speak about how to escape from the back choke hold. It's very important to begin, that you know that normally what will happen is that, this hand will come across, Okay, and as soon as you feel that, you should close your chin, very important, don't let this hand to, and close the other one. Okay. As soon as you feel it, you must do that, you must close your chin. Okay. So, if you see from the other side, this is what's probably going to happen. Okay. I'm Okay. This what it normally looks like. So, the technique is very simple, I'm going to try to choke her, she's going to again, close with the chin, very well. She's going to give a step to the side, Okay. And she's going to grab my wrist at the same time, nice, again, come back, so, grabbing my wrist, move to the side, that's the first step. The second is like this hand is going to strike directly to the groin, Okay. Boom, and I'm going to come down, Okay. So, again come back, so, step to the side, grabbing the wrist, exactly, and hitting to the groin. Now as soon as I go down, she's going to elbow me up, Okay. Again elbow up, boom, nice, so one more time, one-two-and-three, nice, so there's another scenario when someone can not only hold you and grab you, but it can also lift you. Okay. So in this case you can not move to the side. So, for that purpose we are going to do something. First, always, always close your chin, very important, chin down, pressing against my arm, very important then your going to grab with both hands, Okay. And now your going to move one leg as if you where stepping, and with this same leg your going to kick, again one more time, nice, one more time, nice. The purpose is to hit the groin, Okay. And those are two ways to escape from a back choke hold.


  • Carlos Jimenez

    Carlos Jimenz was born in the Canary Islands (Spain) in 1980. He began his martial arts training at the age of 12 practicing the soft art of Aikido. Aikido taught Carlos wrist locks, flexibility and proper coordination. His early training also includes gymnastics along with Muay Thai Kickboxing and the Brazilian Martial Art Capoeira. In 1999 Carlos discovered Kajukenbo and Filipino Martial Arts. He has been practicing Kajukenbo since then and also tries to combine it with pressure points. He is also a licensed acupuncturist.