How to Say "Please" in Russian

Learn how to say "please" in Russian with this online Russian language lesson from Howcast.


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How to say "Please" in Russian. Po-jha-loo-sta. The accent on that is on the second syllable. I'll say it real slow. Po-jha-loo-sta. One more time slow. Po-jha-loo-sta. And now at normal pace. Po-jha-loo-sta. Give it a try. Great! Another acceptable version of saying "Please" in Russian would be budz-tse lyu-behz-nih. The accent on the first word is on the first syllable and on the second syllable in the second word. Budz-tse lyu-behz-nih. One more time. Budz-tse lyu-behz-nih. Now at a normal pace. Budz-tse lyu-behz-nih. Now you try. Fantastic! Finally another common way of saying "Please" in Russian would be to say "For God's sake." Ra-dzi bo-gha. In that phrase the accent is on the first syllable of each of those two words. Ra-dzi bo-gha. One more time slow. Ra-dzi bo-gha. Now I'll say it quickly. Ra-dzi bo-gha. Now you try. Great! Those are some of the ways in which to say "Please" in Russian.