How to Make Bacon-Dusted French Fries

Learn how to make bacon-dusted French fries from chef Adrian Ashby in this Howcast food video.


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Did you ever notice how almost every dish can be improved by adding bacon? In these videos, chef Adrian Ashby teaches you how to make her favorite bacon-inspired dishes, from bacon-wrapped meatloaf and bacon mac & cheese to bacon bourbon blondies and bacon cookies. Because, let's face it, everything is better with bacon.



Okay gang. We've got bacon dusted fries today. What we're going to do, is we're going to take some finely chopped bacon, and we are going to place it into this pepper mill, and what we're going to do, is dust it on our fries. Pretty simple. We've got a spoonful and another spoonful and another one for good measure. Okay. Now, let's get this pepper mill on, get the top ready. Now, it's super easy to get your pepper mill going. What you really should do is finely chop your crisp, crisp, crispy bacon. We want the bacon to be as crispy as possible. We don't want it to jam in the pepper mill at all. We want really small pieces, really crispy pieces, so that the blades can really grind through them. And, let's see what we can accomplish here. I think we're getting some really, really good product right now. Take a look at that. So, what we're going to look to do is do this same motion over our bowl of fries, as you can see, okay? So, let's take some of this, sprinkle it over, and let's keep going. Okay. Now, we're going to give it quick shake. Let's get it onto the plate. And here you have bacon dusted fries. So, so good.


  • Adrian Ashby

    Adrian Ashby is a competitive home cook who was born and raised in Queens, New York. His adoration for all things bacon is part of what spurs on his creativity and need to stay ahead of the curve of his competitors. Adrian's inspirations are his loving mother and grandmother whom he has watched do their thing in the kitchen since he was a little guy!