How to Do Wrestling Moves with "Trademark" Tommy Maclin

Learn about Monster Factory pro wrestler "Trademark" Tommy Maclin in this Howcast video.


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Want to easily immobilize and overpower your opponent? Learn how to do the most effective wrestling moves from two pros. In these videos, Monster Factory's "Trademark" Tommy Maclin and "Amazing" Mike Spanos demonstrates two dozen of them.



Tommy: Hi, I'm Tommy Maclin, and I'm the Monster Factory Pro Wrestling Heavy Weight Champion. It took me one year to get here, but before getting here a year ago, all that hard work and dedication, I've always had it. Growing up in an amateur wrestling background, from sixth grade, from seventh grade, all the way up through high school, all four years varsity. I didn't place, but I was always that guy that always had to go out there and not get pinned. Always that tough guy, always asked for that tough job. I also played football, all four years varsity. Didn't go to college to play ball because I didn't have the money, and my family, we didn't make enough. So, what I decided to do was join the Marine Corps. I did four years there, two active duty tours, both to Afghanistan. Six years later, I'm standing here as the current Monster Factory Pro Wrestling Heavy Weight Champion. It took me one year to get here, and I'm living proof that hard work and dedication, day in and day out, all the blood, all the sweat, all the tears, proper dieting, hitting the gym, pays off. If you want to get down to it, you want to be a pro wrestler, get here to Pretty Boy Larry Sharpe's Monster Factory and get monsterized.


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    The Monster Factory has become the world's most famous wrestling school, with good reason: Its list of notable graduates reads like a virtual Who's Who in the pro wrestling world -- King Kong Bundy, Kevin Von Erich, The Pit Bulls, Raven, just to name a few. Founded in 1983 by "Pretty Boy" Larry Sharpe and "Nature Boy" Buddy Rogers, the Paulsboro, NJ-based training facility turned into The Monster Factory under Sharpe's sole ownership and is now owned by Sharpe protege Danny Cage.