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Find out about the top rabbit resources in this Howcast video featuring bunny lover Amy Sedaris and rabbit expert Mary E. Cotter.


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Rabbits make wonderful pets. If you're thinking of getting one, check out these videos: Actress Amy Sedaris, who is a loving mom to her own pet bunny, helps rabbit expert Mary E. Cotter, Ed.D., LVT answer all your questions about how to take care of a pet rabbit. It's not always easy, but it's worth the work.




Mary: So, we're talking about rabbit resources here and the best places nowadays to get resources just about on any topic are internet sources. We have a lot of publications out on the internet. Here are a few examples of the flyers we have. We have, Nine Reasons to Keep Your Bunny Indoors. We have, Nine Common Rabbit Myths. We have, A Ten Point Primer for New Bunny Families. All of which are easily accessible at our website which is That's the website for the house rabbit society and we have our New York chapter which is that has the same resources. We also have the house rabbit handbook here. Amy: This is the fourth edition. I don't know if there's a fifth edition out, but this is the best one. I think it's a good thing to have around your house and also leave for people that are house sitting for you to watch your bunny. As you can see, my rabbit already started editing this book for me. He's chewing it, but it's got a lot of the stuff in here that Mary and I have been talking about in these videos. Mary: Yeah and try to get the latest edition. New editions keep coming out. As Amy said a fifth one is just coming out now, so look for that. Amy: But this is the best one out there. Mary: Yeah, not the fourth edition. Amy: No. Mary: The book. Amy: Yeah, the book. Mary: It's also a great gift for a veterinarian who has agreed to work with you who may want to learn more about rabbits. A lot of people don't know that vets don't study rabbits as a matter of course in veterinary medical school, so they have to get information afterwards if they're interested in treating rabbits. This is a great gift to give a vet who has agreed to work with and says, you know, I don't know as much as I'd like to. Do you have any good resources? It's a wonderful book. Very inexpensive. It's under $15 and I have actually seen this sold on the internet for $50 and more because when one edition finishes and a new one is about to come, somebody gets on there, some scammer [SP] gets on there and puts it up for 50 bucks and people still buy it. Don't do that. Wait until an edition comes out from the author and the price will be much more moderate around $15 or under. Really great book.


  • Mary E. Cotter

    Mary E. Cotter, M.A., Ed.D., LVT is the founder of the NY-based Rabbit Rescue & Rehab. She serves as chapter manager of the NYC House Rabbit Society and is vice president of the International House Rabbit Society. Involved with rabbit rescue since 1982, she speaks and writes frequently on rabbit-related topics, addressing owners, veterinary professionals and shelter workers. Mary is an adjunct assistant professor in the veterinary technology department of LaGuardia Community College (City University of New York) and co-manages a 7,000-member Internet mailing list focused on rabbit health, care and behavior.