How to Tie a Noose Knot

Despite its ominous name, this knot was mostly used by hunters to snare birds and small game.


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Knowing how to tie a proper knot is a wonderful skill that always comes in handy. In this video series, you'll learn how to tie a square knot, a clove hitch knot, a fisherman's knot, a two half hitch knot, a noose knot, an overhand knot, a manharness knot, a hangman's noose knot, a cow hitch knot, a figure 8 knot, and much more.

You Will Need

  • A single length of rope


  1. Step 1

    Make loop

    Make a loop by crossing one end of the rope—or "working end"—over the remaining rope—or "standing end."

  2. Step 2

    Form smaller loop

    Pass the working end horizontally behind the loop, forming a smaller loop at the base of the larger loop.

  3. Step 3

    Poke end through small loop

    Bring the working end around the front and poke it down through the smaller loop.

  4. Step 4

    Tighten knot

    Pull the working end to tighten the knot, creating an adjustable loop. You're ready to snare.

  5. The word "noose" is believed to originate from the Old French word nous, meaning "knots."