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How to Dance

If you’re reading this page, chances are you’re looking for help in the dancing department. You’ve come to the right place. Howcast offers an expansive library of how to dance videos so you make real progress on your dancing skills. No matter what type of dance you’re hoping to learn, you can find a video course to get you moving to the beat in no time. From beginners to more advanced dancers, everyone can learn how to dance with Howcast!

How to Dance by Style

The first question we need to address is obvious: what’s the best dancing style to learn for a beginner? Honestly, it’s a matter of taste. Some people recommend starting with Latin dancing, but maybe you don’t like that kind of music. So, the learning experience won’t be enjoyable to you in that case.

It is true that some music is easier to learn to dance to than others. But ultimately, the goal is for you to choose a dancing style that you enjoy and feel comfortable with. On our site you’ll find a full library of video guides to learn virtually every dancing style there is. From jazz and ballroom dancing to hip hop and the latest contemporary craze, we’ve got it all.

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How to Dance Like Famous Dancers

When learning how to dance, one approach you can take is to learn how to dance like a famous artist. Some of the most famous dancing styles people learn are from celebs like Michael Jackson, Beyoncé, Ariana Grande and more.

It’s a great approach. At Howcast, we have many dancing tutorials created with this idea in mind. The great thing about learning celebrity dance moves is that it keeps you focused while you build a solid foundation to more quickly develop your dancing skills. On top of that, you’re more likely to enjoy the music if you choose an artist you already like, so it’s a great idea!

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Basic Dancing Tips & Guides

While it’s a cliché to say it, the biggest thing when learning how to dance is to have fun. It’s dancing, after all. It’s meant to be a fun thing. That’s the whole point! So, keep in mind that you’re learning, and the best way to learn is to have fun and learn from your mistakes.

If you’re just getting started, explore our collection of beginner dance videos to nail the basics before moving into more advanced techniques. We’ve also organized our videos into collections for kids, men, and women to make it easier to find the dance lessons and tips most important to you!

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How to Get Started Dancing

First thing’s first. Dancing is a skill, and as a skill, it can be learned. But you need to put time into it. Is it easier to learn how to dance for some people? Sure. Just like some are naturally better at sports than others. But that doesn’t mean you can’t learn a thing or two and have a ton of fun at the same time!

Decide your Style

The first thing you should do is decide what dancing style you want to learn. Don’t overthink it. Maybe you go to weddings often, so you know what kind of music they play at weddings. Or maybe you have a partner who is good at a particular dancing style and you want to join them next time. In any case, just decide on one. Try it, and if you don’t like it, you can always move on.

Listen to a lot of music and watch videos on how it’s supposed to be danced, and imagine yourself dancing. Visualization is a powerful tool to develop your dancing skills.

Choose Your Learning Experience

It’s definitely easier to get started dancing if you go with a partner. It doesn’t matter if your partner doesn’t know how to dance. It may even be more fun if you both learn together. But it’s also ok if you go alone. Just get started.

The best dancing studio is the one you like. Just like you would choose a restaurant, look at their websites, visit, read the reviews, ask your friends, take the free class, talk to the instructor. And of course, you can always learn from home with Howcast dance videos! Invite your friends over and learn how to dance together!

Some Quick Tips for Beginners

As you get started with dancing, here are some top tips to keep in mind:

  • Keep your eyes up, not on your feet
  • Pay attention to the music. The rhythm and intensity will tell you how you're supposed to dance.
  • Stretch before practicing.
  • Wear comfortable clothing and shoes.
  • Dance with different partners.

Learn Outside the Dancing Floor

Dancing is done with your body, but ultimately, it’s your brain that’s doing the learning. So, take some time to research about coordination, balance and what your brain does when dancing. Taking the scientific approach will help you understand your learning process and help you to be more intentional.

Some of the topics you can research besides coordination and balance are: self-esteem, physical conditioning, social interaction, and more. There are tons of great videos you can watch about this.

Set Realistic Goals

This applies to everything, but make sure you set some personal goals for your dancing journey. If you do sign up for lessons at a dancing studio, commit to going for at least three months without skipping a class. Another goal could be to learn how to dance to a specific song like in a music video.

Try Freestyle

Something that a lot of people recommend is picking a song and dancing like you think it should be danced. Basically, dance like nobody's watching. You can try at home for privacy.

The perception is that freestyle dancing gets you comfortable with the idea of dancing. Also, since dancing is not something you normally do in everyday life, your body kind of loosens up and you’ll develop a “dancing” body language. It’s worth the try. Don’t worry, you can unlearn any silly moves! Just move your body and try to find what works best for you.

Get Comfortable with the Mirror

Watching yourself dance can be a great way to improve. That’s why dance studios often have mirrors covering the walls. This is great for form correction and confidence. When you watch yourself dance, you can pick up on any movements that are off and make corrections.

Be Patient

Finally, keep in mind that when you first start learning you will quickly make a lot of progress. It will feel like something clicked. But you may eventually feel like you’re plateauing or stuck. Just keep in mind that this is normal when learning any new skill. The basics are the easiest to learn, but it can take time and effort to develop beyond the basics. Be patient with the process. Developing muscle memory for dancing takes time.

But just like any other skill, the more time you invest it, the more you’ll learn and the more you’ll get from dancing. So good luck and have fun! Explore the wide collection of how to dance videos at Howcast to learn how to dance in any style!

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