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How to Do Cute Hairstyles

Celebrity hairstylist Jacqueline Bush shows you how to create cute hairstyles in these hair tutorials from Howcast.


Jacqueline Bush

Hair maven Jacqueline Bush has styled the likes of Katie Couric, Michelle Bachelet, Faith Hill, Gwyneth Paltrow, Mark Ruffalo, and Patrick Dempsey, to name a few. For a time, Jacqueline resided in the south of France, where she developed an eye for the famous “French style” that pervades her work today. Gracing the pages of well-respected magazines from Elle to Weddings New York, Jacqueline’s philosophy is “organic glamour with an edge. No matter how much time and energy go into a hairstyle, it should always have an effortless feeling, leaving the client feeling sexy, without trying too hard."

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