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How to Walk in High Heels

Don't stumble over your stilettos while you're strutting your stuff! Learn how to walk gracefully -- and comfortably -- with these Howcast videos.


Dr. Emily Splichal

Dr Emily Splichal is a celebrity podiatrist, human movement specialist, and the creator of the Catwalk Confidence Program. She is the author of "Everyday Is Your Runway: A Shoe Lover's Guide to Healthy Feet & Legs." Dr Splichal and her Catwalk Confidence & Stiletto Recovery program have been featured on The Today Show, Oprah Winfrey Show, The Doctors, and Good Day NY, to name a few. Her high heels workout Catwalk Confidence was voted best workout of 2010 by TimeOut NY. Dr Splichal is also Founder and CEO of the Evidence Based Fitness Academy, a continuing education institute that provides scientific and research-based education to health and fitness professionals. Dr Splichal has lectured both nationally and internationally.

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