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How to Do an Accent

Need to speak with a foreign accent? Learn how to do a convincing one with the help of dialect expert Andrea Caban in these Howcast videos.


Andrea Caban

Andrea is a voice and speech coach and an actor in Southern California. She believes you can train your muscles of articulation, your ears, your eyes, your brain and your spirit to attain the accent(s) you want. Her passion for exploring accents lead her to creating multi-character solo plays. As an award-winning solo artist, she has performed across the US and abroad and is currently touring her play Questions My Mother Can’t Answer. Andrea studied voice and speech under master teachers Catherine Fitzmaurice, Dudley Knight and Phil Thompson. She holds an MFA in Acting from UC Irvine. Andrea coaches actors and non-actors from all walks of life on speech/accent work and is available for private coaching in person and via Skype.

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