How to Do Capoeira

Learn Capoeira, a martial art that incorporates dance, music, and acrobatics, from Tiba Vieira and Mestre Jelon Vieira in these Howcast videos.


Tiba Vieira

Tiba Vieira started his capoeira training in Brazil with Mestre Jelon Vieira, the pioneer of capoeira in the United States. In 1997, Professor Tiba moved to the United States to continue his capoeira training under the mentoring of Mestre Jelon and to attend school. Professor Tiba has been learning and teaching the art of capoeira for almost two decades. He currently teaches at the Ailey School and at Tisch School of the Arts, and in his spare time he teaches in after-school programs and community centers throughout New York City. He has also performed regularly throughout the United States and internationally. In addition, Professor Tiba has appeared in TNT's "Martial Artists of the 20th Century," the New York Film Academy's "Fascinado Pela Capoeira," the PBS serie's "Egg: The Arts Show," GQ magazine, Free magazine, LXTV/NBC "Spotlight of the week" and Gettyimages. He holds a BFA degree in Electronic Design and Multimedia.