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How to Dance to Reggae Dancehall

Whether you’re familiar with Reggae Dancehall or have never heard of it before, we’re sure that you’ll have lots of fun learning how to dance in this style. With a high-energy vibe, lots of loose and free movements, and a growing community of Dancehallers, this is also a great way to get some exercise. In this guide, we’ll teach you how to dance reggae dancehall with free video tutorials taught by professional instructors!

What is Reggae Dancehall?

Reggae Dancehall (or simply Dancehall) is a relatively new style of music and dance derived from traditional reggae, which you’re probably more familiar with considering the popularity of artists like Bob Marley. Dancehall is a bit more underground but growing in popularity. The biggest difference between traditional reggae and Dancehall version is that Dancehall has a faster tempo, is more upbeat, and is considered to be on the “grungier” side.

Basic Reggae Dancehall Steps

You may be surprised to learn that Reggae Dancehall isn’t too difficult for beginners to pick up. Even if you’ve never danced before, you can quickly pick up the basic moves.

Really, Dancehall is all about listening to the music, feeling it, and moving your body to it. Focus on the vibes, the rhythm, and how it makes you feel. Once you feel comfortable, there are a few movements you can try:

  • Swag or roll your shoulders a little
  • Incorporate some footwork
  • Move your head
  • Add some bounce or swing to your movements

The most important thing is to use your whole body and really get into the music. To see how this might look, watch Howcast’s video tutorial at the top of this section.

Easy Dancehall Moves

There are three very simple Reggae Dancehall moves that we recommend you start with. These are the Rockaway, the Bogo, and the Signal da Plane.

  • The Rockaway: Swag your shoulders left and right, left and right. Feel free to add your own flair here, and incorporate the rest of your upper body.
  • The Bogo: Ease into the Bogo. This involves extending your arms and circling them around, kind of like pushing the pedals on a bicycle. Lean back while doing this one, and keep the bounce in your step.
  • Signal da Plane: Cross and uncross your arms above your head to the beat, like you’re signaling a plane. Then, you’ll swing your arms back over your head, and forward.

These are pretty easy, even for beginners, but be sure to watch Howcast’s tutorial above to see how the pros do it!

Start Dancing Today!

Now that you know a little bit about the Reggae Dancehall style and have studied the basic movements, do you feel ready to start practicing? While everything we’ve outlined in this article is fairly simple, it will take some practice to master. Browse the rest of the videos in this series below for more lessons!


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