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Dance Tips & Guides

Dance is three distinct things: a creative art, a social tradition, and exercise. It’s an activity everyone can enjoy that does you good on many levels. If you’re just getting started learning how to dance, explore Howcast dance tips and guide videos to get moving to the beat in no time!

Dancing for Beginners

If you’ve just started dancing or are thinking of taking it up, it can be intimidating at first. But it doesn’t have to be. Howcast beginner dance videos are a great way to learn how to dance on your own before going out in public. Or, they can be a fun way to learn how to dance with your friends. Invite everyone over, and learn how to dance together with Howcast!

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Dancing for Kids

Most children enjoy learning to dance. It’s a skill they will benefit from later in life. But choosing the right type of dance is very important. Kids learn more when they enjoy what they are learning. They need to like their teacher and find the type of dance that’s ‘cool’. The lessons need to be easy to follow and not push them too hard. A little is fine, but too much and children lose interest. Howcast has many videos made to help kids learn how to dance their favorite styles while having fun!

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Dancing for Men

The problem with dancing for many men is that they feel less like an “Alpha Male” when they dance or they fear looking silly. Some men are intimidated by dance in just about every form. But if you learn how to dance at home, you can go out and surprise everyone when you’re more comfortable with your moves. The secret is finding a style of dance that you feel comfortable with and practicing until you become confident. This takes time and a little effort, but offers tremendous rewards. We’ve put together a series of dance videos with tips designed specifically to help men get out there and hit the dance floor with confidence.

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Dancing for Women

Do you want to look good at parties or social events? Do you want to lose weight and become healthier? Do you want to become a great dancer or do you want to just relieve some stress and have fun? Dance can help with all the above! Explore our series of dancing tutorials made for women to learn a new dance style, find a great new exercise, or simply have some fun!

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Top Dance Tips

Here are some key dance tips to keep in mind when getting started:

  • What’s Your Style? Find the type of dance that best suits you and practice. The more natural it feels the more you will enjoy it. Discover dancing styles.
  • Find a Teacher. Find a good teacher with interesting lessons. Choose someone who can teach you new steps and techniques in a way you find easy to follow. Howcast makes it easy to learn how to dance with videos featuring professional dancers and instructors! Browse all how to dance videos. 
  • Correct your posture. Many people don’t use correct posture and fail to even realize this. Keeping your back straight and shoulders back helps to make you look more elegant while also allowing you to perform moves correctly. Improving your posture can make dancing easier and more fluid. Discover posture tips for Merengue, Salsa, Argentine Tango, Belly Dancing, Ballroom Dance
  • Watch other dancers. Watching other dancers can be a great way to learn. Pay attention to their posture, technique and steps, and try putting these into your own dancing. Learn how to dance like famous dancers
  • Be sure to stretch. Stretching every day will make your body more flexible. This improves the flow of dance and can help ensure you can pull off moves without injuring yourself. Learn how to stretch for dance
  • Get the right shoes. Wearing the proper shoes makes a huge difference. Don’t spend the money until you’re sure of the type of dance you really want to learn—but once that decision is made, it’s a good idea to get the right shoes. Each dance style involves a certain type of shoe, carefully crafted to protect your legs and feet as well as to improve your dance. Learn how to find the right dance shoes for Irish Step, Ballroom Dance, Salsa, Bachata, Ballet, Samba, Cha-Cha, Tango
  • Relax and have fun! Clear your mind and relax before dancing. Listen to the music, really listen, and let it guide you. It has a beat. Learning to follow the beat and moving to it is what dance is all about. Learn how to dance on beat.

Dancing should be fun! Yes, it’s also hard work, but if the enjoyment goes you should try another form of dance. If you keep practicing, you will get better, feel fitter, and be healthier. When you dance regularly, your everyday movement can also be improved with better posture and a more confident outlook. We hope these dance tips are helpful. Explore all the how to dance video guides available at Howcast more great lessons!

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