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Top Dance Tips for Kids

You’ve surely seen professional dancers in music videos, but have you ever considered dancing for yourself? Or maybe you’ve heard some good music before and felt like moving along to it. There are many good reasons to learn how to dance, and fortunately it’s easy to get started! Here are some helpful dance tips for kids, and be sure to check out our free dance video series made just for kids!

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Attend Dance Classes

Arguably, the best thing you can do to start dancing and improving your skills is to attend a dance class or have individual lessons. While classes and lessons are slightly different, the underlying concept of dedicating time to focus on dancing is the same. This gives you a reliable way of improving every week and making a commitment that you can stick to.

Dance Classes

Dance classes involve you and a small group of other novice dancers being led by an instructor. The biggest benefit of participating in a class is that it creates an encouraging environment where you can feel comfortable being yourself. Other dancers will be there so you won’t feel alone, which makes it easier for you to learn.

One-on-One Lessons

Alternatively, one-on-one lessons are another great way of learning how to dance. Unlike a class, lessons only involve you and an instructor. This gives you personalized time where an experienced dancer can give you helpful advice on how to improve. If you feel anxiety working on a new skill with a group of people, private lessons are a great way of practicing without feeling self-conscious.

Practice At Home

In addition to classes or lessons, it’s also very important to practice dancing on your own. The most natural place for you to do this is from the comfort of your own home.

Imagine any artists and singers that you see in music videos. They seem pretty talented and natural, right? Maybe some of them are gifted, but what you don’t see is that most spend countless hours practicing just to get their moves right. What you see in videos is the result of dedication and a lot of practice that you’ll need to do yourself if you want to be a good dancer!

Watch Dance Videos

Speaking of music videos, watching them is a great way to improve your dancing. It’s also a good source for finding new dances to try out. Several dances exist and you might not know what you enjoy most until you see it. You can follow along to a video and try to copy the moves that you see.

Even better, you can find video lessons that will walk you through each step of a specific dance. At Howcast, our videos are entirely free and taught by professional instructors!

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Start Small

Another useful way to learn how to dance is to remember to start small. Trying to learn whole dances can be intimidating. Learning a full dance takes a lot of time and practice, but you can make it easier by splitting the dance into smaller sections.

You should start by focusing on individual movements and slowly adding things together. Look at the footwork first and figure out how to move your feet in the same way. Then start including motion with your hips, arms, and head to make the dance look good. Once you understand how to fully perform the first part of a dance, start learning the next sequence. Eventually, you’ll be able to dance a full routine if you carefully break down each section!

Learn How to Dance Today!

We hope this guide helps you or your kids learn how to get into the wonderful world of dancing! To see detailed video lessons and guides, check out our main How to Dance page.

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