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Learn Professional & Performance Dance Moves

Professional and performance dance styles vary in how they are executed, but they all focus on creating a brilliant display. It can be intimidating to learn any new dance moves, but it’s easy to learn the exact steps and techniques you’ll need with Howcast video tutorials!


Ballet has a rich history with royal roots linking back to Italy and France. It appeared as an Italian Renaissance court dance during the 15th century but spread to French courts in the 16th century. This was a result of the influence of Italian noblewoman Catherine de Medici marrying the Frenchman, King Henry II.

Classical ballet involves the use of pointe shoes and flowing movements incorporating leaps and twirls, all on your tip-toes! Ballerinas require precise form and look extremely graceful, making the dance a true art form.

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Modern Dance

Modern dance was created in the 1900s as a challenge to the strict rules imposed by classical ballet. It is a freestyle form of dancing that promotes expression of inner feelings through movement, giving it a strong emotional appeal.

While ballet requires a dancer to be light on their feet and follow a structured choreography, modern dancers tend to create their own steps and moves, conveying whatever emotions they feel strongly. Modern dancing can often be dramatic, including exacerbated movements and even falling on the floor! Learn all about modern dance and learn essential dance moves in our how-to video series.

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Contemporary Dance

Contemporary dance incorporates elements of many different dance styles. This style draws on traditional elements of ballet, modern dance, jazz and more. Like modern dance, contemporary dance eschews the strict leg techniques of ballet to focus more strongly on torso movements. Some defining characteristics of this style include unpredictable rhythms, sudden changes in speed and direction, improvisation, and creative freedom.

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Tap dancing first came into the limelight during the 1800s at dance and minstrel shows. It is heavily influenced by the Irish Jig, clog dancing, and even African dances involving foot stamping. These are all quite noticeable within modern tap dancing, as the dance involves the use of rhythmic foot-tapping with special shoes. A tapper will wear shoes with taps on the heel and toes, which are then struck into the ground to produce a tapping sound. Learn how to tap dance with Howcast!

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Perform Professional and Performance Dance Moves Today!

Performance dance often requires strict training and skill to master. But that doesn’t mean you should shy away from learning these styles. Howcast makes it easy to get started, with free videos taught by professional instructors. Explore all of our professional and performance dance videos to discover your favorite style.

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