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How to Choose a Fraternity / Sorority

Animal House aside, a fraternity or sorority is an opportunity to meet new people, contribute to the community, have a few laughs, and make lifelong friends.


  • Step 1: Decide what kind Decide what kind of fraternity or sorority you want to join. Some groups are mostly social; others bring together people with the same professional goals or ethnic background. Some are religion based, others are service oriented.
  • Step 2: Contact college Contact your college's Office of Greek Life (most fraternity and sorority names contain one or two Greek letters; hence the idea of "going Greek") or Office of Student Life for information on the joining process. Each college or university has its own system and schedule.
  • TIP: Look for fraternity and sorority Open Houses at the beginning of the school year.
  • Step 3: Get opinions Get as many opinions as you can of the various Greek organizations by talking to people on campus.
  • TIP: Consider how you want to be perceived -- jock, preppy, party animal, etc. Recognize that if you join a fraternity or sorority, many people will immediately apply the stereotype of that particular organization to you.
  • Step 4: Go to Rush events Go to Rush events, where you meet members of the organization that interests you. When you join a fraternity or sorority, you're committing to a new group of friends, so make sure they're people you'd want to hang out with.
  • TIP: Don't be afraid to mix it up with people of different backgrounds or interests.
  • Step 5: Ask about membership fees Ask about membership fees. Most organizations have annual or semiannual dues, and many have housing costs associated with them.
  • FACT: The first fraternity in the United States is thought to be the Kappa Alpha society, established at Union College in 1825.

You Will Need

  • Time to investigate different organizations
  • And an open mind

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