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How to Handle Employee Office Romances

Are Sally from Accounts Receivable and Freddy from Tech Assistance starting to make goo-goo eyes at each other? Better have a chat with them.


  • Step 1: Clarify company policy If you don’t already have a policy on office dating, draw one up. It should require office lovebirds to inform the company of their canoodling and sign a statement indicating that the hanky-panky is voluntary.
  • Step 2: Draw up statement As soon as a romance comes to your attention, require the sweethearts to read and sign a copy of the company policy on sexual harassment to protect everyone if the romance sours.
  • TIP: Meet separately with each member of the couple to discuss the particulars of their situation—and the possible consequences of the relationship.
  • Step 3: Reserve right to transfer If the employees aren’t of equal rank, reserve the right to transfer one of them to another department to avoid any appearance of favoritism. Otherwise, a coworker could charge 'paramour preference' when they’re overlooked for a promotion.
  • Step 4: Arrange for mediator Arrange for someone in the company to mediate any problems that might arise in the workplace if the relationship ends in tears.
  • Step 5: Remain hopeful Hope for the best. A happy office is a productive office!
  • FACT: Almost half of American office workers have had an employee romance before – and nearly half of them claim it was a total secret.

You Will Need

  • A cooing couple

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