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How to Host a Sex Toy Party

A generation ago, Tupperware parties were all the rage. Now people throw sex toy soirees.


  • Step 1: Find a party company Search the web for sex toy companies that help people host parties by providing sample products and a 'sexpert' to explain them. In return for hosting the party, you’ll get a hostess gift and free or discounted products.
  • Step 2: Invite guests Invite a mix of classmates, work buddies, neighbors, relatives, and anyone else you can think of who is adventurous and open-minded. The more people you invite, the more free product you’re likely to earn.
  • Step 3: Let guests mingle Allow at least half an hour for guests to mingle and unwind before the presentation starts. Serve finger foods that can be nibbled with a minimum of fuss, like crudités and dip or cheese and crackers.
  • Step 4: Begin the show When everyone is relaxed, introduce the Mistress of Ceremonies and turn things over to her.
  • Step 5: Keep things moving Make sure the items presented get passed around in a timely fashion so no one is still waiting to try the handcuffs while the MC has moved on to edible underwear.
  • Step 6: Provide a private area After the presentation is over and any questions have been answered, inform guests of the separate room or secluded spot where they can consult with the MC and make purchases in private.
  • FACT: In 2005, Norwegian military officials submitted a request for $460 in reimbursements for a sex toy party thrown 'to boost morale.' The request was paid!

You Will Need

  • A sex toy party company
  • Space in which to hold the event
  • Guests
  • Refreshments
  • Booze

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