How to Make Yourself Irresistible to Girls

You don't have to be tall, dark, handsome, and rich to be a ladies' man. Just learn to recognize what women want.

You will need

  • Some female friends
  • A little wit
  • A little generosity
  • Lots of loyalty

Step 1 Get yourself some wing-women Get yourself some wing-women. Men who are surrounded by attentive ladies instantly become more attractive to other women.

Step 2 Pay her lots of compliments Pay your lady lots of compliments – flattery will get you everywhere.

Step 3 Learn to tell a joke Learn to tell a joke. A whopping 93% of women are looking for a guy who can make them laugh.

Step 4 Give her your undivided attention Whenever you’re together, give her your undivided attention. Who doesn’t love to be the center of attention?

Step 5 Always pick up the check Always pick up the check—and for goodness’ sake don’t dither about it. Women love a guy who ‘automatically’ pays for dinner.

Step 6 Work toward owning a home If you’re not yet a homeowner, work toward that goal. Research shows that a man who owns a home is five times more attractive than one who doesn’t.

Step 7 Show your fondness for children Show your fondness for children. Research shows that—not surprisingly—women are drawn to men who seem like they’d be good dads.

Step 8 Tone your body Work out just enough to be in slightly better shape than the average Joe. Most women prefer ‘toned’ guys over muscle-bound hulks.

Step 9 Be faithful Be faithful. For most women, fidelity trumps attractiveness, health, wealth, and social status – every time.