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How to Run Uphill

Running uphill quickly is more of a skill than a demonstration of power.


  • Step 1: Shorten stride & lift knees When you feel the path tilt upwards, shorten your stride and lift your knees.
  • Step 2: Pull elbows up behind you Pull your elbows up high behind you to help you turn your feet over quickly.
  • Step 3: Pump arms forward & back Pump your arms forward and back, not side to side.
  • TIP: As you reach the top, don’t ease off, instead push yourself back into a comfortable running rhythm.
  • Step 4: Look straight ahead Look straight ahead—not down or up at the top of the incline.
  • FACT: The Pikes Peak Ascent half-marathon in Colorado starts at 6,295 feet and climbs to the top of Pikes Peak at 14,115 feet.

You Will Need

  • Running shoes
  • Running socks
  • And comfortable athletic clothing

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