How to Lose Weight Playing Wii

Get your game on and shed pounds, too, just by playing your Wii.

You will need

  • Wii Fit
  • A Mii
  • Wii Sport
  • A dance video game
  • Some user-tested routines
  • Commitment
  • A virtual dance partner

Step 1 Become a Mii Get Wii Fit and follow the directions to set up a Mii, a virtual alter ego that will keep track of your fitness stats and chart your progress.

Step 2 Go for the aerobics Focus on the aerobic activities. Yoga and balance games will help you get fit, and strength training will build muscles that burn calories more efficiently, but aerobic exercises are the most direct route to weight loss.

Step 3 Start dancing Start boogying to “Dance Dance Revolution:” Research shows that people burn about 172 calories per half hour on light mode, 201 on standard, and 243 on difficult.

Step 4 Get sporty If dancing is not your thing, try Wii Sports. One study found that Wii boxing burned an impressive 216 calories per 30 minutes. Tennis came next, at 159 calories per half hour, followed by baseball, at 135 calories for every 30 minutes of play.

Step 5 Get into a routine Type the words ‘Wii weight loss program’ into a search engine; you’ll find regimens devised by users who have successfully lost weight using their Wii.

Step 6 Play often Play every day if you can. Because Wii activities burn fewer calories than their real-life counterparts, you’ll need to play more often to get results.