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How to Stay Safe on Campus

You can dramatically reduce your chances of being a crime victim just by following a few rules.


  • Step 1: Let someone know Always let someone know where are you going and when you expect to be back.
  • Step 2: Find out trouble spots If you're in a new city, ask locals about the trouble spots to avoid.
  • TIP: For greatest safety, walk halfway between buildings and the curb on well-lit streets.
  • Step 3: Don't put valuables on display Don't put your valuables on display, especially if you're alone: turn your rings so the stone is hidden, and hold your purse securely under your arm.
  • Step 4: Be & look alert Attackers look for easy victims, so be alert and look alert. Walk briskly without distractions like an iPod or cell phone, and watch who is around you. Don't be afraid to turn around if you feel like someone might be following you.
  • Step 5: Fight back If attacked, fight back. Studies show that screaming and yelling often scare off an assailant, whereas pleading and crying do not elicit sympathy.
  • TIP: Statistics show: If you physically resist rape, your chances of escaping increase—but your chances of being hurt don't.
  • Step 6: Be wary of guys offering drinks Be wary of guys who keep offering to get you another drink. If they're trying to get you drunk, they might be hoping to take advantage of you.
  • Step 7: Be careful who you flirt with Be careful who you flirt with—and who you invite back to your dorm or apartment. Most women are sexually attacked by someone they know, usually in their own home.
  • TIP: "Drunk walking" can be just as dangerous as drunk driving, because it telegraphs to would-be attackers that your guard is down. Head home in a group or take a cab.
  • Step 8: Avoid walking home after dark Avoid walking home alone after dark. Predators target women who are by themselves.
  • FACT: One in four female college students is a victim of rape or attempted rape during her university years, and 84 percent know their rapist.

You Will Need

  • A little common sense
  • Awareness of your surroundings
  • And a feisty spirit

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