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How to Clear Your Internet History in Safari

Have you been on a "Safari" that you'd rather not let others find out about? Stop living in fear. Here's how to cover your tracks.


  • Step 1: Open Safari Open Safari.
  • TIP: Safari has a Private Browsing mode—when you turn it on, the browser keeps no record of the pages you visit. To enable it, click Safari, then Private Browsing. Turn it off the same way.
  • Step 2: Click "Clear History" On the top menu bar, click 'History' and select 'Clear History.'
  • TIP: If you want to clear out all your private data, including passwords, click 'Safari' on the top menu bar, and then 'Reset Safari.' In the box that comes up, click 'Reset.'
  • FACT: The United States has 743 prisoners for every 100,000 inhabitants, the highest rate of any country.

You Will Need

  • The Safari web browser
  • A questionable internet history

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