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How to Play Hour Of Power

Hour of Power—especially popular at the stroke of midnight on 21st birthdays, it's not so much a game as an experience.


  • Step 1: Give each player shot glass Set a shot glass in front of each player.
  • Step 2: Fill with beer Fill the glasses with beer, and put a stash of beer within easy reach.
  • Step 3: Play music Put on some music—preferably a lively mix that will camouflage everyone's increasing drunkenness.
  • TIP: Special Hour of Power CDs and DVDs are available, complete with music mixes, an official timekeeper, and alternative rules.
  • Step 4: Watch clock Set your game clock or watch within sight of every player.
  • Step 5: Drink shot When the clock reaches the designated starting point, each player drinks his or her shot of beer.
  • Step 6: Refill and shoot every minute Each player then refills his or her shot glass, and repeats shooting the beer every minute for the next hour. It sounds so simple!
  • TIP: Bathroom breaks are allowed, but you'll be required to catch up on the number of shots you missed.
  • Step 7: Don't puke Stopping or puking will eliminate you from the game—probably not something you'll really regret at this point. But if you're powerful enough to continue all hour, congratulations!
  • FACT: An extended version of the Hour of Power is called Century Club, where a shot of beer is downed every minute for 100 minutes.

You Will Need

  • 2 or more players
  • A shot glass for each player
  • Plenty of beer
  • preferably light
  • Some music
  • A watch or clock

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