How to Do a Kickflip

Invented by John Rodney Mullen, the Kickflip is the most basic skateboarding “flip trick”—one in which the board flips over while in the air. It’s also a great way to get out some aggression!

You will need

  • 1.0 Skateboard
  • A flat
  • dry surface
  • Lots of practice
  • Courage and stamina

Step 1 Push forward The easiest way to perform this trick is by using a rolling start. Begin by pushing the board forward at a comfortable speed – but the faster you go, the higher the board will lift off of the ground.

Step 2 Position back foot As you roll, place the ball of your back foot on the center of the tail of the board.

Step 3 Position front foot Place the toes of your front foot, slanted slightly forward, just behind the center set of mounting bolts on the front truck.

Step 4 Lift back heel With both of your feet on the board, lift the heel of your back foot so your weight is on the ball of your foot and your toes.

Step 5 Crouch Bend your knees down in a crouch in preparation to jump upward.

Step 6 Stomp As you straighten your legs to start the jump, stomp your back foot down so you smack the tail of your board to the ground.

Step 7 Jump, slide, flick As the tail of your board hits the ground, jump off of your back foot into the air. At the same time, slide your front foot up the board and flick the nose of it.

Step 8 Let the board flip After kicking the board with your front foot, move your feet up and out of the way so that the board can flip in the air.

Step 9 Let board hover and twist Let the spinning board hover for a second between your legs as it twists around.

Step 10 Catch board Once the skateboard has spun completely around one time, put your back foot on it to catch it, and follow with your front foot.

Step 11 Land the trick To land the trick, bend your knees as you touch down, making sure both feet are squarely on the board and on your grip tape. Now go out and brag – you’ve earned it!