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How to Be a Good Boyfriend

without becoming totally whipped. Trust us: the rewards will be well worth it.


  • Step 1: Be respectful Be respectful and considerate. Professional matchmakers say the vast majority of women request men with those qualities.
  • TIP: Put the toilet seat down. It's the number one complaint women have about men, according to one survey and spitting isn't far behind.
  • Step 2: Listen and respond Listen attentively and respond accordingly. If she tells you she has a big exam in the morning, call her that afternoon to see how it went. Better yet, sneak an encouraging note into her purse.
  • TIP: Give her your undivided attention. Don't ask, "How was your day?" while turning on the TV.
  • Step 3: Send flowers Send flowers for no reason. All it takes is a phone call and a credit card!
  • TIP: Send her favorite flower, rather than the standard red roses, or present her with something personal, like a book or CD you know she'd like.
  • Step 4: Show her off Show her off. Not being introduced to a boyfriend's friends is a number one pet peeve with women.
  • Step 5: Make her laugh Maintain your sense of humor. Seventy percent of singles say a person who makes them laugh is even more attractive than someone who makes them think.
  • FACT: In a recent Hallmark magazine survey, women voted for dinner at their favorite restaurant and a movie of their choice as the perfect date.

You Will Need

  • Thoughtfulness
  • Attention to detail
  • And a generous nature

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