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How to Ask a Guy out

Tired of waiting for your prince to appear with a Manolo Blahnik in your size? Well, stop waiting, and start taking control.


  • Step 1: Ask the time When you spot a guy with potential, ask him what time it is. He'll probably suspect your question is just an excuse to talk to him, giving him the opportunity to either take the bait or not.
  • TIP: Eighty-nine percent of men interviewed in a 2004 dating survey said they find approaching a woman in a bar nerve-racking, so don't you be shy about making the first move.
  • Step 2: Look your best If you have a particular guy in mind already, pave the way to dating by looking your best whenever you think you will see him, making friendly conversation, and finding reasons to touch him.
  • TIP: Seventy-two percent of men polled in 2004 survey said they were attracted to their last date because she seemed friendly, chatty, and approachable.
  • Step 3: Act confident Act confident, even if you're not. In many cases, if you act like it's a given that he'd want to go out with you, he will!
  • TIP: Know the difference between confidence and aggression. Aggression comes across as desperation, which is not how you want to be perceived.
  • Step 4: Bite the bullet Bite the bullet. Have a specific activity or plan in mind, like going to a movie or dinner, and simply ask if he'd like to go with you.
  • Step 5: If for some crazy reason he says no, take the news in stride. Smile, say ok, and remind yourself that he's just one guy--plenty more where he came from!
  • Step 6: Keep trying Keep trying! Remember: The more guys you approach, the more likely you are to get a date and second one, and a third
  • FACT: When two people split the bill on a date, it's called "going Dutch," because that has always been the custom in Holland.

You Will Need

  • A little courage
  • A little confidence
  • And
  • yes
  • the ability to handle rejection gracefully

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