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How to Flirt Online

Whether you're one of the 40 million people looking for love on a dating website or just chatting with a cute someone, make your messages must-reads!


  • Step 1: Be positive Be positive. The fastest way to end flirty banter is to be Debbie Downer.
  • Step 2: Be confident Sound confident--even if you're not. People are attracted to self-assurance.
  • Step 3: Be funny Use humor. If witty repartee isn't your strong suit, repeat something someone else said that you found funny, or share something amusing you read in the paper.
  • Step 4: Be brief Keep messages brief--you want to retain an aura of mystery.
  • TIP: Ask lots of general questions like, "If you could go anywhere, where would you go?"--people love to talk about themselves.
  • Step 5: Avoid baring your soul Avoid intense, soul-baring discussions that might scare people off.
  • Step 6: Be observant Be observant about the details in their profile, and ask follow-up questions to things they mention in messages to you. It shows you're sincerely interested--and not self-obsessed.
  • Step 7: Give compliments Dole out the compliments. Who doesn't want to hear nice things? If you saw them on a dating site, mention their impressive resume. If you met in person, gush about something they said or did. But be sincere.
  • TIP: Use spell-check and re-read your message before pressing "send"--stupidity is a real turnoff!
  • Step 8: Don't get discouraged Don't get discouraged. You're not going to be compatible with everyone. Cut your losses and move on to the next hottie.
  • FACT: Couples who meet on the dating site tend to date for a shorter period before getting married than couples who meet in more traditional ways.

You Will Need

  • A positive attitude
  • And confidence

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