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How to Make a Fake Tree Look like a Real One

Ashamed that you gave into the convenience of an artificial tree? Fool people into thinking you chopped it down yourself.


  • Step 1: Choose tree that looks natural Choose a flame retardant tree that looks as authentic as possible, meaning you can’t see the pole through the needles, the tips of the branches aren’t rounded, and the needles look natural.
  • TIP: If you’re buying online, make sure there’s a photo and zoom in on all the details before ordering!
  • Step 2: Fluff out branches Fluff out the branches by running your fingers against the grain.
  • Step 3: Curve tips upward Curve the tips of the branches upward so that they look fuller.
  • Step 4: Make branches asymmetrical Manipulate the branches so the tree isn’t too symmetrical.
  • Step 5: Use natural decorations Use natural decorations. Hang real pinecones and branches. Even real foods like popcorn and candy canes can make a tree seem more natural!
  • Step 6: Give tree outdoor smell Give your tree an outdoor smell with fresh sprigs of pine and evergreen. If you can’t find any, buy a can of Christmas tree fragrance, or hang an evergreen potpourri satchel. Now your secret will be safe!
  • FACT: Christmas trees are a German tradition; they gained popularity in England and America when Queen Victoria’s German-born husband, Prince Albert, wanted one at Buckingham Palace.

You Will Need

  • An artificial tree
  • Pinecones or sprigs of pine
  • Aerosol can or satchel of pine or evergreen scent

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