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How to Do a Flea-Flicker

Catch a good pass defense off-guard with the classic flea-flicker.


  • Step 1: Line up on offense Have your offense line up with a wide receiver on each side, a left fullback and a halfback.
  • Step 2: Send the wide receiver to the end zone Snap the ball to the quarterback, and send the left wide receiver on an end-zone route.
  • Step 3: Hand off to the halfback Have the quarterback hand off to the halfback and then continue to drop back as the back runs up the right side.
  • TIP: Once the defense sees the running back with the ball, they’ll think it’s a running play and lose track of the receivers.
  • Step 4: Block for the running back Block for the running back just as you would if he were sincerely running.
  • Step 5: Have the running back lateral the ball back to the Have the running back streak up the right side and, just before passing the line of scrimmage, have him turn and lateral the ball back to the quarterback.
  • Step 6: Pass the ball Pass to an open receiver, typically the left wide receiver.
  • FACT: University of Illinois coach Bob Zuppke is credited for inventing the flea-flicker in the 1910s.

You Will Need

  • 1 A football game
  • 1 Possession of the ball

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