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How to Cast a Love Spell

Jilted by a would-be lover? Try a good old-fashioned hex and change his mind.


  • Step 1: Light candle After sunset, light the candle and place it next to the vase.
  • Step 2: Say aloud ... Say aloud: 'I ask the power of love and light to bring me opportunities for romance.'
  • Step 3: Next recite ... Next recite: 'I affirm that I participate in love and that I am worthy of love.'
  • TIP: Legend holds that this spell works best on the Friday night before a full moon.
  • Step 4: Then chant ... Then chant: 'I am open to love and ask that it come to me for the greater good.'
  • Step 5: End by whispering ... End by whispering: 'So be it and so it is.'
  • Step 6: Blow out the candle Blow out the candle.
  • TIP: Wait at least one month before repeating the spell.
  • Step 7: Keep flowers until they die Keep the flowers until they die. Once they’ve completely shriveled up, your new love should blossom! If it doesn’t, try again, but this time with a nicer vase.
  • FACT: The song 'Love Potion No. 9,' by The Clovers, was a hit song in 1959 and inspired a movie of the same title in 1992.

You Will Need

  • A pink candle
  • And a vase of pink flowers
  • like roses or gardenias

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