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How to Remove Gum from the Bottom of Your Shoe

After you finish cursing out the bleepity-bleep who tossed his gum on the ground, try this.


  • Step 1: Scrape shoe If you have a flat-bottomed shoe, try scraping it against a street curb as soon as you become aware of the gum.
  • TIP: Don’t scrape sneakers and other footwear with multiple ridges; you’ll just wedge the gum in further.
  • Step 2: Freeze shoe If scraping didn’t work, freeze your shoe by bagging it and putting it in the freezer—this will harden the gum to the point where you should be able to scrape it right off.
  • TIP: If you can’t bring yourself to put your stinky shoe in the freezer, rub ice cubes over the gum.
  • Step 3: Resort to chemical intervention If scraping and freezing don’t work, dip a cotton swab in rubbing alcohol and dab it over the gum. Let the gum sit a few minutes and then remove it with a semi-sharp knife.
  • Step 4: Use home cleaning products Still no luck? Some people swear by WD-40 or Goo Gone. Apply either agent exactly as in previous step.
  • Step 5: Concede defeat If the gum mockingly remains in situ, locate the nearest shoe repair shop and have the sole replaced. And please! From now on, watch where you step.
  • FACT: British scientists have developed a non-sticky chewing gum called Rev7 that is washed away by rainfall.

You Will Need

  • A street curb
  • A freezer or ice cubes
  • A cotton swab
  • Rubbing alcohol
  • A plastic bag (optional)
  • WD-40 (optional)
  • Goo Gone (optional)
  • A cobbler (optional)

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