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How to Grill a Pizza

Forget the brick oven—use your grill to make the perfect pie in minutes.


  • Step 1: Heat the grill Stoke your coals or prime your propane and get your grill to a high heat. When hot, brush the grate with warm olive oil. This will provide a nonstick surface so your pizza stays in one piece.
  • TIP: If you don’t have outdoor grill, use an indoor grill pan on a stovetop burner.
  • Step 2: Roll out your dough Place the dough on a floured piece of aluminum foil. Use the heels of your hands to stretch the dough until it’s about 14 inches in diameter and an eighth of an inch thick.
  • TIP: Don’t worry about making a perfect circle—ragged edges will give your pizza a rustic feel.
  • Step 3: Oil and cook Lightly brush your dough with olive oil, and place it onto the open grill, oiled side down.
  • Step 4: Flip Brush the top of the dough with olive oil. When the bottom is browned, use tongs to flip the dough to the other side. Since you’re working with a thin crust over a high heat, it’ll cook quickly. Keep a close watch!
  • Step 5: Add toppings When the second side is nicely browned, use tongs to remove the dough from the grill. Off the heat, place the cooked dough onto a cookie sheet, and add toppings.
  • Step 6: Cool down Let your grill cool to a medium heat.
  • Step 7: Melt the cheese Leaving the pizza on the cookie sheet, return it to a closed grill, and cook it for several minutes until the cheese is just melted.
  • Step 8: Cut and serve Carefully remove your finished pie from the grill. Use a pizza cutter to slice and serve your masterpiece.
  • FACT: In 1905, Lombardi’s—a New York City staple—became the first licensed pizzeria in the United States.

You Will Need

  • A grill
  • Warm olive oil and a brush
  • A floured piece of aluminum foil
  • Enough pizza dough for a 12- to 14-inch round
  • Pizza toppings
  • A small cookie sheet
  • Tongs and oven mitts
  • A pizza cutter
  • A grill pan

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