How to Make a Sombrero

An excellent dessert drink, the Sombrero is basically a White Russian with one less alcoholic ingredient—and a south-of-the-border name.

You will need

  • Some ice
  • A rocks glass
  • 2.0 oz coffee liqueur
  • 4.0 oz cream or milk
  • 2.0 tbsp whipped cream
  • And a swizzle stick

Step 1 Fill with ice Fill the rocks glass with ice.

Step 2 Pour in liqueur Pour in the 2 oz. of coffee liqueur.

Step 3 Add cream or milk Add the 4 oz. of cream or milk.

Step 4 Top w/ whipped cream And top your drink with 2 tablespoons of whipped cream.

Step 5 Stir & serve Use the swizzle stick to stir gently, and serve.