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How to Get Backstage at a Rock Concert

There are many levels of backstage access, ranging from stickers that allow you into the VIP area to ALL ACCESS laminates. The latter are the most difficult to get, but you'll feel amazing if you can score one!


  • Step 1: Find a connection Rack your brain: do you know anyone in the music business? Ask everyone you know if they have a contact who could get you a backstage pass.
  • Step 2: Get a business card Weeks before the concert, procure the business card of someone who works at a legitimate record label. Then go up to a bouncer and tell him you have an appointment with one of the musicians. When he doesn't find you on the list, break out your card and demand to be let backstage!
  • TIP: If at an outdoor music festival, put old laminates around your neck, find a gold cart, and breeze past security.
  • Step 3: Win a radio contest Find out which local stations are giving out concert tickets and passes to meet-and-greet parties and see what you can do to win some.
  • Step 4: Get a job at the venue Get a job at the concert venue—in catering, concessions, ticket sales, whatever.
  • TIP: Don't come across as an obsessed fan or you're more likely to be escorted off the premises than led backstage.
  • Step 5: Get press access Get press access for the opening act; they usually have fewer requests than the main one. Go online, find the band's label, call them, and ask for the Public Relations Department. Say you've been assigned to write an article on the band for school and you'll need a photo pass and a backstage pass.
  • TIP: Have a gimmick. Successful rock groupie Cynthia "Plaster Caster" got noticed by bringing a sculpture kit to concerts and amusing musicians with her offer to immortalize their private parts.
  • Step 6: Chat up the roadies No luck so far? No worries. If you're a girl, arrive at the concert venue in the afternoon or early evening. Be sure to look hot, and when the crew is doing sound checks, chat up some of the roadies. You never know!
  • Step 7: Ask about the after party Make your way to the stage and ask the guys at the sound board where the after-party is. If you look smokin', they just may tell you!
  • Step 8: Try bribery If all else fails, try bribing someone. But don't do this until the end of the show—it could get you thrown out!
  • FACT: Dee Dee Ramone got arrested for fighting with a roadie during the filming of the cult classic "Rock 'n' Roll High School."

You Will Need

  • Confidence
  • An appreciation of the band's music
  • And to look really hot!
  • Laminates from other concerts
  • And a legitimate music executive's business card

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