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How to Install a Clothing Rod

Don’t pay a handyman to do this simple job—learn how to become handy yourself!


  • Step 1: Identify wall substance Identify what kind of wall will hold the rod—drywall, masonry, or concrete.
  • Step 2: Mark location Figure out where you want to hang the rod, and mark the points with a pencil.
  • TIP: Have someone hold the clothing rod in different locations to determine the ideal place to install it.
  • Step 3: Center the rod Take one of the two clothing rod holders that come with the rod and center it on the mark you made on the wall.
  • TIP: Some rods come with the ends built-in already.
  • Step 4: Mark screw holes With your pencil, mark the position of the screw holes where your rod holders or ends will go.
  • TIP: Make sure your clothing rod holder is aligned correctly. There’s usually an opening on one side of the clothing rod holder that needs to point upward.
  • Step 5: Drill pilot holes Drill pilot holes into the marks you made that correspond with the screw holes. These holes should be slightly larger than the screws you will use.
  • Step 6: Insert anchors Insert the wall anchors into the holes.
  • Step 7: Attach rod holder Use the screws to attach the clothing rod holder to the wall.
  • Step 8: Level the rod Hold the rod up to the first holder you’ve attached and mark the location where the screws on the other end will go.
  • TIP: Use a leveler to make sure the clothing rod will be straight.
  • Step 9: Attach second rod Drill holes, install anchors, and attach the second clothing rod holder to the opposite wall.
  • Step 10: Slide rod into holders Install the clothing rod into the holders. It should slip neatly into the holders from above.
  • FACT: The closet in Mariah Carey’s Manhattan penthouse is 3,000 square feet!

You Will Need

  • A clothing rod
  • A clothing rod holder
  • A pencil
  • A drill and bits
  • Wall anchors
  • Screws
  • Leveler (optional)

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