How to Take Great Pictures with Your Cell Phone

You might not be composing award-winning photos, but if you cross paths with the right celebrity at the right moment, you'll want to know how to make your shot a tabloid-worthy one.

You will need

  • A camera phone

Step 1 Set your camera phone Set your camera phone to take the highest quality (and largest file size) photo possible.

Step 2 Clean your camera lens Make sure your camera lens is clean—and that you know exactly where it is!

Step 3 Arrange your subjects Arrange your subjects or scene as you see fit.

Step 4 Make sure there’s plenty of light Make sure there’s plenty of light. If you have a flash, turn it on, and stand with whatever other light source is around behind you, so it shines on your subject.

Step 5 Get in close Get in close so that the subject is in full-frame.

Step 6 Use the rule of thirds Use the rule of thirds, framing your subject in either the left or right third of the frame, not dead center—creating a more interesting picture.

Step 7 Keep the camera steady Keep the camera as steady as possible—the less movement the better, so stabilize yourself as best you can.

Step 8 Snap your shot Snap your shot and hope for the best—or the worst, as the case may be.