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How to Style Your Hair into a Messy Bun

This is no schoolmarm style. You'll instantly look chic with a messy bun.


  • Step 1: Start with day-old hair A messy bun tends to come undone if your hair is freshly washed, so try this trick on a no-shampoo day.
  • TIP: Spraying hair with a dry shampoo, or adding some mousse and then blow-drying it, will give your hair the manageability of unwashed locks.
  • Step 2: Brush your hair back Brush your hair to the back of your head and gather it into a ponytail in your hands.
  • Step 3: Twist the hair Twist the ponytail around its own center, forming a loose bun.
  • Step 4: Anchor the bun Anchor the bun with bobby pins in the same color as your hair, letting a few stray pieces slip out.
  • TIP: For a really easy bun, gather hair into a ponytail, wrap an elastic band around it, twist the band, and then pull the tail partially through the second loop. Fan the ends out.
  • Step 5: Spray it Spritz the bun with hair spray.
  • Step 6: Create wisps Gently pull a few face-framing pieces out of the bun.
  • FACT: Princess Leia’s famous hair buns in the movie Star Wars were influenced by hairstyles of the Hopi Indians.

You Will Need

  • Hair that hasnu2019t been washed for 24 hours
  • A brush
  • Bobby pins in the color of your hair
  • Hair spray
  • Dry shampoo or hair mousse (optional)
  • An elastic band (optional)

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