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How to Navigate Valentine’s Day Early in a Relationship

February 14th making you cringe? Avoid the landmines new couples face.


  • Step 1: Gauge their reaction Before Valentine’s Day, determine how you feel about the person you’re dating. Whether you’re itching for a serious relationship and don’t want to scare the other person off, or you’re more interested in something casual and don’t want to send the wrong signals, keeping the holiday light and easy is key.
  • TIP: If you’re unsure about the relationship altogether, avert disaster by making other plans, or conveniently being out of town on February 14th.
  • Step 2: Be careful where you go Be careful where you take your date. Candlelit tables, chocolate fondue, and men proposing in every direction--can you say awkward? Choose wisely.
  • Step 3: Stay away from buzz words Refrain from slipping Valentine buzz words into your conversation. Terms like 'love,' 'wedding,' 'babies,' and 'prenup' can lead to an uncomfortable moment.
  • Step 4: Poke fun Use comedy to cope with the possible awkwardness. Making fun of over-the-top Valentine’s traditions can help reduce the pressure and overcome the stereotypes of the holiday.
  • Step 5: Give appropriate gifts Don’t overspend. A wildly extravagant outing or gift can give the wrong idea. Skip the cliches, too. Keep it thoughtful and personal.
  • TIP: Men: Never offer your Valentine a gift that’s enclosed in anything resembling a ring box. (Unless it’s a diamond ring.)
  • Step 6: Make it a group date Invite a low-key friend and their date, and hit the town as a foursome. A fun group dynamic can help ease tension.
  • FACT: Twenty-five percent of men in a national poll admitted they don’t make advance plans for a romantic Valentine’s Day with their sweetheart.

You Will Need

  • Common sense
  • Caution

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