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How to Date a Co-Worker

Make sure your workplace romance doesn't torpedo your career.


  • Step 1: Keep it quiet at first Keep it quiet, at least at first. You may feel great the day after first hooking-up, but give it a few weeks before screaming to the world that you're madly in love.
  • Step 2: Cop to the affair When you decide to confide in your colleagues (or are forced to after someone catches you in flagrante delicto), cop to the affair as matter-of-factly as possible. At this point, denials will only make you look foolish, or—if there's a conflict of interest—put your job at risk.
  • TIP: Check the cute stuff at the office door. If a coworker overhears you exchanging endearments like "Honey Bear" and "Lovey Pumpkin," you'll never hear the end of it.
  • Step 3: Don't have sex at workplace Resist the urge to have sex on the conference room table, on the photocopier, or anywhere else at your workplace.
  • Step 4: Don't give preferential treatment Don't give your lover any preferential treatment. Even small favors can alienate other coworkers and create a hostile environment.
  • Step 5: Act professional if romance ends If the romance ends, act as professionally as you possibly can. Remember, it's not the love affair that will get you canned, but the stalking, accusations, and retribution that sometimes follow.
  • FACT: Thirty-nine percent of Americans have at some point had a workplace romance, and 25% of these relationships resulted in marriage.

You Will Need

  • An alluring coworker
  • And a willingness to lose your job
  • or worse

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