How To Avoid Making Women's Most Common Sexual Mistakes

Just in case you've never, ever read a copy of Cosmo in your life.

You will need

  • More self-esteem
  • Fewer inhibitions
  • An understanding of the male species

Step 1 Don’t take things personally Don’t take it personally when your man is not in the mood. Women think they just need to flash some flesh to get a guy salivating like one of Pavlov’s dogs, but that’s a myth.

Step 2 Don’t hide your body Don’t hide your body: Strip in front of him, leave the light on sometimes, ride him once in a while. Remember: He’s just happy you’re naked.

Step 3 Tell him what you want Tell him what you want. Men are not mind readers, and women are not interchangeable. What turned on his last girlfriend may do nothing for you.

Step 4 Take responsibility Take some responsibility for your own orgasm. If you can help things along yourself (hint, hint) don’t be too shy to do so. He’ll be turned on and appreciative.

Step 5 Be tidy Take the time to shave your legs and arm pits and make sure your bikini area doesn’t resemble a small rodent.

Step 6 Stroke his ego Stroke his ego. Many men secretly have the same body hang-ups and insecurities that women do. An occasional, ‘Great legs!’ will make him as happy as it would make you.

Step 7 Let him know you’re alive There’s nothing worse you can do than just lie there like a dead fish. Move around. Make noise. Talk dirty. Show that you’re really into sex with him.

Step 8 Let him sleep After the lovemaking, let him sleep. Unlike women, men are no longer aroused after sex – they’re just tired. And don’t be offended if he doesn’t want to fall asleep in your arms – it can be uncomfortable!